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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Upcycled Hummingbird Feeder Update #freefromtrash

So I have a few updates to my baby food jar hummingbird feeder original post.  First of all, the hot glue did not work to securely affix the two metal caps together.  So I had to break out the KrazyGlue and re-glue the glue dots back onto the top of the baby food jar and the glue that back onto the inside of the larger basin lid.  That worked great.  Then I had to figure out a good way to hang the feeder.  I tried ribbon but it was too loose and wouldn't hang level.  Then I thought I would use a metal coat hanger and affix it to another baby food jar cap (poked a hole in the cap, inserted end of coat hanger and bent it over to secure and then krazyglued to lock in place) and then glue that cap to the top of the feeder.  That has worked great and the feeder is now hanging level.  And bonus, the hummies love it!!

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  1. This looks very cool. Time to start saving some small jars!



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