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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome to The Urban Fairy Birthday Bash Blog Hop with FREEBIES

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my blog, ExperimentMOM.  This week, the creative team of The Urban Fairy (The Flutters, as we are called) is hosting a blog hop for many of our team members.  Each of us came up with some great questions for The Urban Fairy, aka Dani, and we hope you enjoy this progressive interview as well as all the fun goodies that you will find when you HOP over to the next blog in the hop.  You can do that by pressing the Blog Hop Button (that I designed) in the top left column of my blog. And you MUST go visit The Urban Fairy's blog and Facebook page as well for tons of freebies and coupons! But don't leave yet!  There are still freebies to be had! Keep reading....

Here were my questions and answers for The Urban Fairy
 Jen:  Do your kids inspire or influence your designs? How so? 

TUF: Yes they sure do! Especially when they're being crazy!! My oldest { Zamera,10 } is getting very interested in what I've been doing so she likes to give her input. I'm hoping to be able to get a computer for the kids this year and help Zam learn to use Adobe and work on her own little creations. My middle child, { Serenity, 5 } likes to help me with the colors. She will see a color some where and tell me all about it and how I should use it in my next creation!

Jen: What do you love and hate about digital scrapbooking?

TUF: I love that the possibilities are endless. There are so many styles and techniques that each time I work with a new collection the ways I can create something always keep me on my toes! I HATE making previews. Lol!  It's so hard to pack the beautiful creation into a small preview and make it look good. I'd say that it's going to take me many more years to get it right!

And now - - > FREEBIES!!  These are my first-ever freebies and I hope you really like them. They were created using the newly released "A Little Moment" kit from The Urban Fairy.  I tend towards a modern minimalist feel when I design scrapbook pages and I think that comes out in my freebies.  Please let me know if you use them. It would make me feel SO GOOD!!  Send me an email, post to The Urban Fairy facebook page, comment here on this post or get in touch with me any way you'd like!! You can even post your layout to the Urban Fairy Gallery at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio HERE. You'll notice that the files have a _SDSDS attached - that is me, Jen, at ScraPicts Digital Scrapbooking Design Service (SDSDS) and you can use that when you add any credits to your layouts!  Click HERE to get the freebies.

Did you enjoy the freebies?  Did you like learning more about The Urban Fairy?  I really loved having you here and if you could follow my blog using GFC (the "Join this site" button is in the left-hand column about half-way down) and/or follow me on Pinterest, twitter or G+ that would be awesome. Also feel free to leave me a comment here to say Hi! I'd love to follow you back if you blog about mommy stuff, scrapbooking, crafts or cloth diapering!!!

For those of you hopping - here is a list of the blogs in order in case you get off track or you start in the middle by accident. We wouldn't want you to miss any free goodies!

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