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Let me make a quick intro and then you can decide if you'd like to stay (ie subscribe by G+, networked blogs or email).  My name is Jen Gardner and welcome to my blog, Experiment MOM (that is, Mom Of Multiples).  I have twin sons, Greyson and Jack, who are 8 months old.  Before I had the twins, I was an oncology research scientist in Boston MA for a large biotech company.  At about the time I conceived the twins by IVF, I was laid off when the company cut our department.  I welcomed the time off (with a nice severance pay to get us through) and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I had a fairly hard pregnancy.  At 24 weeks I was admitted to the hospital for previa bleeding and was there for a week.  The twins were fine and I was fine but it was all for precautionary reasons that they held me for a week.  I was on modified bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy.  At 36 weeks (August 2011) we welcomed the boys by scheduled c-section and they were both healthy and beautiful. 

I had decided to cloth diaper the kids before we gave birth and was encouraged by several coworkers who also cloth diapered their young children.  My husband and I were able to take a CDing class at a local shop called the Diaper Lab and we were hooked.  I received several Little Joeys at my baby shower and I was very excited about cloth diapering, not just for the environmental aspect but also to save money CD'ing TWO at the same time.  In December of 2011 my husband took a job at his company that would require a move from MA to Southern California.  After a very quick 3 months of getting the house sold and all our stuff packed we are here and enjoying the weather although it is very hard to be so far from family.  So that is one of the reasons I started up my blog again, to have an outlet and to share what is going on with my life with my family and friends.  But you are most welcome to follow along and please if you have any comments or questions (CDing, IVF, science etc) please don't hesitate to ask!!.  My topics can include crafts, photography, kids, cloth diapering, CD reviews eventually, nature, science etc.  Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the blog!!


  1. So much in common...twin boys, CDing, IVF...only I have a math background rather than science (though still quite similar). I will definitely look forward to some of the science ideas (among others) you have to share.

    1. Hi Holli. Wow we do have a lot in common! It amazes me how many science-based moms end up becoming SAHM and choose Cloth diapering as well. Not sure how much "science" i'll be doing in the coming months but when the kids start getting into fun stuff like volcanoes etc I can't wait to share all that fun stuff. I do really appreciate the nature here in CA and have had a blast identifying birds and tree and plants. Hope we can ingrain that nature stuff in the kids!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!



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