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Saturday, May 12, 2012

TrendLab One-size All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

I'm a sucker for a sale.  So when my friend introduced me to Totsy and I saw TrendLab Cloth diapers on sale for $8.75 each I was intrigued.  I hadn't heard of this brand on the cloth diaper blogs.  So when I googled it, I came to their website and read about the features of their cloth diaper.  It looked to me like an All-in-Two diaper (not an All-in-One as they have named it) because the liner snaps in and out and you can reuse the outer shell (that is lined in fleece).  They did have one interesting feature.  They have three different types of snap-in liners that are "gender-specific."  In addition to being color-coded (GAG): blue for boys, pink for girls, white for all, they have different levels of extra padding where that gender needs it most.  Sounds interesting though not sure why you wouldn't just use the white ones all the time but it seemed novel to me.  In addition, the inserts are contoured, that is, they aren't flat but have a little gathering in the middle to make the sort of concave to fit around the private zone.  They also only have one snap to secure the liner in place inside the shell, but that is the same model that Softbums has so that is not so unusual.
Blue boy insert and white gender neutral insert
So I purchased two shells (each come with a white snap-in liner) and two sets of two "boy" liners at $5.75 each.  One was a nice sunny yellow and the other a steely grey color. My first impression is that yes it's a pretty cheap diaper cheap. It's made in China.  The boy liners are all microfiber even the top which touches the baby.  I was sure I had read on many a cloth diapering website that that was a no-no when it came to absorption in using cloth diapers.  The white ones however have a nice soft fleecy top.  Don't see why they couldn't have topped the boy (and presumably the girl) inserts with a fleece topper but I was still ok with it.  I washed them up and tried them on my kids.  They have a nice generous fit around the bum and waist and are pretty stretchy tabs with a hip snap.  I tried the boy inserts and have had no problems with over-drying or rashes or anything.  Their tushes are really squishy with these diaper/insert combos which is funny.  I actually haven't had any leaking problems with this diaper because of the good fit around the legs on my giant children and the really absorbent liners (both blue and white).  I only use it for daytime use at the moment.  I will say that they are actually a little big on my kids in the waist and I often can't do up a d hip snap because i have to pull the regular snaps pretty far into the middle of the diaper.  So I get some wing droop.  I don't particularly care about it but it can look a tad messy.
the outer snap setup
the tabs and hip snap
boy insert in shell
Greyson wearing the yellow trendLab
Now, as for their claims you can reuse the shell, well, that is a bit of a stretch.  My kids usually soak through the liner and thus urine gets onto the fleece of the inside of the shell.  I COULD snap in a new liner and put it back on my kid, but that is getting a tad gross.  It would make SO much more sense if the liners were backed in PUL so that the moisture was contained in the liner and then you definitely could reuse the shell.  Here you are better off just using it once and then laundering.  But I will say with the amount the liners absorb you probably can get 3-4 hours out of it so that is pretty decent for a daytime diaper.  Some other reviews (on amazon and the like) complain about the microfiber-to-skin issues and while I haven't had any that doesn't mean it couldn't happen.  Some people suggested cutting a slit in the fleece of the shell and using it as a pocket diaper.  That could work if you are that concerned.  I am tempted to add a PUL layer to the back of the inserts or even to the inside of the shell but at like 9$-12$ for these diapers, it probably isn't even worth it to break out my sewing machine.  I can also see that the fleece on the inside isn't super high quality and that the stretchiness of the tabs will probably wear out quickly.  Again it's a cheap diaper cheap.  Not super fancy but not total garbage either.  I am giving it a rating of 3 snaps.

  • Contoured microfiber liners
  • Gender-specific liners
  • Inexpensive
  • Generous fit
  • Cheap construction
  • Shell not reusable if soaked with urine
  • Microfiber liners not fleece topped (except white liner)
Reviews are the opinions of Experiment MOM only while using the actual garment reviewed. I was not provided the diaper and I was not compensated for this review


  1. Great review! I have seen these diapers on Target.com and I was wondering about them. I get kind of skeptical with brand names that do a lot with child decor that decide to throw cloth diapers into their mix. But for a cheap wash day diaper, they sound pretty decent. I'm really impressed with the 3-4 hour use though, we usually can't make it to 2! I think I'm going to try them just for that.

    1. Interesting. I didn't know they sold them at Target. Let me know how they do for you! - Jen

  2. I bought two of these on sale on Zulliy for $9 each shipped. I agree with your review, no leaks or rash, decent fit but the fleece liner on the shell is not meant to be wiped out and reused the way a PUL diaper like Best Bottoms is. I can't stand the wing drop but since it's winter and we live in Colorado, my daughter is usually fully dressed not walking around in a nappy all day so I can't see the wing drop to bother me. Definitely a cheap diaper, I've notice a few seams coming apart already.

  3. Hi Mary. Thanks for your comment! I have had them since May and they have help up surprisingly well. The only thing I notice is that the fleece around the snap for the snap-in liner is getting a bit stretched out and will probably rip soon. This is more than likely a bit my fault for not always unsnapping the liner out of the shell so when it gets washed, I am sure the attached liner puts some wear on that snap area. I should be better about unsnapping the pieces when i toss them in the pail.



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