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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sew is Your Baby Pocket Diaper Review

I am addicted to cloth diapering.  If you are reading this, chances are you are as well.  I am always on the lookout for new cute diapers to try on my kiddos. Recently I decided to try one of the Sew is Your Baby (SIYB) pockets.

 I LOVE the silky denim print and since I usually let my kids go pantless I thought this would be adorable.  And WOW is it adorable.  This is in the silky fabric so my kids can slide around on their bottoms easily and jammies go over it very easily. Now I usually don't use pockets for daytime (too little bang for the buck especially when changing two kids in diapers all day long) but I was eager to try this one so I stuffed it with 3 inserts (not Sew is Your Baby inserts) and it fit great and no leaking at all.  You can see baby Jack modeling the dipe here.  He is 8 months and about 23lbs with really chunky legs.

Then I put it to the overnight test. Usually I put in 4 inserts into pockets for overnights.  Generally I use 2 microfiber and 2 hemp, either Thirsties Hemp doublers or gCloth.  So you can see they are heavy wetters.  This diaper held up perfectly, no leaks or dampness.

As far as features, this is a basic pocket.  It reminds me of a Bumgenius 4.0 pocket. It has a nice soft pocket which they say is microfiber but it isn't really absorbent, more of a "sueded" stay-dry polyester.  The pocket opening is about 4 inches which is a tad small for stuffing but the pocket itself is pretty wide.  It has the typical one-size snaps to adjust the rise (clearly we are beyond that stage) and a hip snap.   The legs have a single elastic layer.  In the bottom photos you can see a length measurement and comparison to a Thirsties AIO Duo.  The SIYB pocket is nearly 2 inches longer than the Thirsties AIO and I can definitely notice a difference on my kids. With the Thirsties AIO, they always have an exposed bum crack while with the SIYB their bums are fully contained.

Overall I am going to give this diaper 4.5/5 snaps.  The ONLY issue I have with this diaper (and it's a small one) is that it's manufactured in China.  There are a lot of diapers manufactured in China and many cloth diapering companies choose manufacturers that have good wages and treat their workers ethically so I can't comment on how these diapers are made.  I have also had this diaper for a short time so I don't know how it will hold to multiple washings. What I do know is that at 11$ for this diaper (alone, no inserts) it is an excellent value that rivals bigger-name diapers.

My rating:


  • long length
  • nice material in and out
  • big pocket
  • easy clean/quick dry
  • good value
  • made in china
Reviews are the opinions of Experiment MOM only while using the actual garment reviewed. I was not provided the diaper and I was not compensated for this review


  1. Got to admit that is a super cute print! Thanks for reviewing this diaper!
    CJR @ The Mami Blog

  2. This is a high quality baby diaper at an affordable price. I like this diaper because it is nice material in and out. I want this type of diaper for my daughter. I impressed by that.

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  3. Diapers are very good. Their economy pack is cheap and very good for babies in the day time. For night use, I think, it is better to use big ones since you don't have to change diaper at midnight. But if the baby is so old that she/he can sleep very well without natural interrupt (I mean, wake up by her/himself) during the whole night, it is OK to use smaller Diapers.
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  4. I have always wondered how to make these! Yours is adorable! I've been a blogging slacker lately but enjoyed going back and reading all of your posts on ideas. I'm adding this to my idea file. Thanks for sharing! This inspires me to post about a baby shower I decorated.
    Have a great weekend!
    Baby Diaper Turkey

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