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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review - EcoNuts Multi-Surface Cleaner

Over the past few years I've been trying to "green my cleaning" by incorporating more natural cleaners in my house. I felt this was especially important when the babies came so as to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals.   I have been wiping down the kids' high chair seats every day (sometimes twice a day) and figured that any residue from a traditional cleaner might get on the hands/food that touches their high chairs.   One product I was dying to try was the multi-surface cleaner from EcoNuts. I have heard really good things about EcoNuts soap nuts (also on my list to try) so I thought their multi-surface cleaner would be a good thing to try out.  Here is what EcoNuts says about their cleaner on their website:

The ultimate in non-toxic liquid surface cleaners!
Safe to use around children and pets, and packaged in an aluminum bottle with our low-flow spray trigger (saves you money!).
This lightweight and compact 10oz bottle will clean everything in your kitchen and bathroom and leave it fresh-smelling. No gloves, goggles, or face mask required to block those awful chemical fumes!
The formula is based on our Eco Nuts and other botanical extracts. It is phosphate-free, sulfate-free, ammonia free and alcohol Free.
It works on tile, metal, stone, porcelain enamel, chrome, laminate, quartz composites and other non-porous surfaces.
Use in conjunction with our Clean-All powder to power through tough messes.

When I got it i thought that it had an interesting spray nozzle and was a good size although pretty expensive as far as cleaners go at 7$ for 10oz (for comparison, Windex multisurface cleaner is about 4.50$ for 26oz.)  As soon as I sprayed it, I was immediately put off.  WOW it smells like vinegar - a LOT.  Not even close to "fresh-smelling" as they claim in their ad.  I don't care how "natural" it is - if it smells awful I am not going to use it.  I cleaned some mirrors to see how it did as a cleaner and it's fine.  I decided that i could use it on outside tasks like cleaning my car windshield and the outside of glass windows but i will not be using it in the house.  I've only seen a few reviews of this product online and no-one has mentioned how much it stinks so I don't know if I got a bad bottle or if I am crazy, but this stuff stinks.  And that's just my opinion.

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