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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I HEART winning stuff

Yesterday I received not one but TWO prizes from giveaways that I have entered.  The first was a Softbums Omni shell and DryTouch pod that I won a couple of weeks ago from the Tummy 2 Bummy Store and Blog.  They connected me right away with Softbums and I was able to choose my closure and color.  I got the Omni in brown with a Super DryTouch pod.  I have two Softbum Omnis (Pocket+ AI2) already and we really like them.  My ONLY complaint about the AI2 part of this system is that the snap-in pods aren't lined with PUL and the inside of the shell is fleecy so if the urine soaks all the way through the pod, the shell is dirty and can't be reused, unlike some other AI2 systems like BestBottoms or Grovia. But the Omni has a pocket so you can stuff it with extra absorbency so it lasts longer on baby, and I think this is a fair trade-off.  THANK YOU, Tummy 2 Bummy!
Here is a little bit more info about the Tummy 2 Bummy online store:

"T2B was started by a new mom who has a passion and knowledge for all things cloth diapers.  While pregnant with her first child, she began researching cloth diapering and was amazed to learn the many great benefits it offered. 
T2B is very selective in the brands it chooses to carry. We carry only reputable brands that produce only the highest quality products.  We offer a variety of different types of cloth diapers to fit any budget and preference. From diapers, laundry bags, soaps, and liners to swim diapers, training pants, and wet bags, we have something for everyone. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and are always available to answer any questions you may have.  We offer a flat rate shipping charge of $7 for U.S. customers and $11 for shipments to Canada. International shipping vary's depending on location.  Orders of $75 or more ship FREE to U.S. addresses."

The second piece of news was that I won a Grovia Diaper from the Great Cloth Diaper Change Giveaway they sponsored.  Basically this entailed changing my child into a Grovia diaper at the recent Great Cloth Diaper Change that we attended at Granola Babies in Costa Mesa CA, taking a picture and emailing it to them and being the first 1000 to do that. That was the key and I think a lot of people missing that critical point.  With GCDC events happening all over the US and the world, I knew I had to snap and send my pict IMMEDIATELY to even have a chance to win this diaper.  I took my husband's Ipad with me and set up the email ahead of time with the eventbrite number and all the critical info needed to enter the contest so I could snap, attach the pict and send it.  I would say that I had me email out with 1 minute of the official diaper change and VOILA!  It worked!  I am very excited to try the Grovia AIO diaper (we love the AI2 shells) and there are some VERY cute new prints!  Thank you GROVIA!!

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