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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fluffy stash and work station

So I just re-read my post from when the kids were 6 weeks old.  We were struggling with diaper leakage mostly because the fit wasn't just right and they were so small (WERE!!!).  Now, at 8 months old, we are in a really good place with cloth diapering.  So much so that I would say I am addicted.  We have many different types of diapers and brands in our stash.  Our daytime diapering stash consists of AI2s (all-in-twos) like Best Bottoms, Grovia and Trend Lab as well as fitted diapers like Thirsties Fab Fitted Duos.  Our nighttime diapering stash consists of pockets like Thirsties Duo diaper, Thirsties AIO pocket (old style), a DiaperRite, a Bumgenius, and one Fuzzibunz.  We tried gDiapers but they never fit the kids right and we always had leaks around the legs.  Here are some pictures of my stash and our diaper change station:
I feel like we have some unique features of our diaper change station that i'd like to share. The first is shown in the second picture.  I use a lot of AI2 shells and we needed a place for them to "dry out" between diaper changes.  Here I have used a multi-tier skirt hanger to hang the shells between uses.  Cute and functional.

The second is using Lock-and-Lock containers to contain used (pee-soaked) flushable liners.   I keep these because they can be laundered and reused 1-2 times.  I especially like the Imse Vimse brand liners because they hold up well to multiple uses.  The other container we use to hold liners with poo that needs to be flushed.  Let's face it. I can't always get right to the toilet after a change with two babies demanding attention.  I used to use an open bucket to hold and transport poo to the toilet.  But it smelled because it was open.  Now with the lock and lock, smells are contained until I can get it to the toilet.

The third feature is a set of plain old tongs.  We use a lot of pockets and I was finding that my fingertips were getting really raw as a result of touching urine-soaked inserts.  Even if I washed right away, they would still get raw.  We tried using dipes that have large pockets in order to allow the inserts to "agitate out" during laundering but my new top-loading HE washer doesn't seem to agitate enough to make these work right. Also my husband had been balking at touching the dirty parts of the diaper, fearing he was transferring germs to the kids before he could get to wash his hands which was a legitimate concern.  So we repurposed an old rusty set of kitchen tongs to remove inserts.  Now we don't have to touch any dirty parts of the diapers to separate inserts from the pockets.  Genius!  I am surprised someone hasn't marketed this yet!  I did a quick search online for diaper tongs" and this is what i found, from 1958!

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