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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home alone+Twins in cloth diapers=frustration

Ugh.  okay so the boys are almost 5 weeks old now.  Since we got home, we have been cloth diapering the kiddos in Kissaluvs terry size zero diapers, with a couple of little joeys microfleece All-in-ones.  So about 2 weeks in, Greyson started developing a rash.  I though it probably was a result of urine scalding and/or ammonia buildup.  So i started using some cloth-diaper friendly balms, california baby and angel baby bottom balm.  They didn't seem to help and the rash/redness continued.   I also felt that maybe we were putting the diapers on too tightly causing the redness around his legs.  We started diapering him on the largest setting of the terry diapers, but still saw redness around his legs. So after another week i switched him into disposables left over from the hospital and started with the butt paste, great for rashes but killer on cloth diapers.  We then purchased some larger size Rumparooz pocket diapers (fleecy inside with microfiber inserts) to alternate with the sposies/butt paste combo.  I though that perhaps the terry diapers were holding the urine too close to the skin (even though we changed the diapers every 2-3 hours) and that the fleece would draw the moisture away from the skin.  We didn't use the butt paste with the pocket diapers, but somehow the fleece started repelling moisture, causing crazy leaks.  I think this happened by cross contamination of the butt paste from the cloth wipes we had used to clean up his butt when he was in sposies.  UGH.  I tried stripping them (several scrubs and washes with Dawn liquid detergent then copious rinses in hot water) to no avail.  At this point the rash had sorta cleared up so I switched him back into the terry diapers because I didn't have any more energy to work cleaning up the fleece diapers.  At this point John had to go on a three day work trip, which is not uncommon for him.  And of course the redness came back.  So what to do?  I ordered some Funk Rock detergent to try to rid the terry diapers of ammonia buildup but i was (am) exhausted with doing laundry and trying to keep two boys happy, fed, and dry by myself. everyone says "sleep when they sleep."  Uh yeah so who is going to do the laundry, the dishes, make me eat something heathy, make me take a shower, walk and feed the dogs, run errands and take the kids to the doctor for vaccinations?  Right - so no wonder I am exhausted and my wrists hurt from bottle feeding and my back hurts from hoisting up my 9 and 11lb children and sleeping in 1 hour increments on the couch with the kids in their boppys.  The doctor says "do you have help?"  Sure i do.  But I am not going to ask my mother or sister to do all the middle of the night feedings.  Everyone works so they can't help during the day.  So, no, not to really when my husband travels.  And to boot I feel like a mommy failure when the pediatrician examines the boys during their 1 month wellness appt and they both have redness in the groin area.  Hey mommy guilt!  SO i have decided that I need to maybe go disposable when john is traveling.  I just can't do all the laundry and expect to be able to do everything else.  AND nap during the day.  So today I bought two Gdiapers (medium, 13-28lbs)  from whole foods with some flushable/disposable inserts and Earths Balance regular disposables.  Just put G in the Gdiapers and J in the regular disposables. My first impression of the gdiaper is that because it is a sized diaper, the leg holes aren't nearly as tight on G's fat legs, so maybe this will reduce the redness.  With the liner that will draw moisture away from his skin, maybe it will completely clear up his redness.  AND since its disposable, I can use whatever diaper creams I want without fear of wrecking the diapers.  I hope it can contain his crazy amt of pee.  We'll see in another hour or so.

My family says "do what you can do" so that is what I am doing.  Something had to give and it's the crazy laundry esp when i am home alone.    We'll see how it goes.  :)

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