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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I heart Craigslist

Almost anyone I talk to probably already knows that I love craigslist.  It's like a giant garage sale in cyberspace. I love a bargain and I am sure that is a trait passed down from my grandparents who grew up during the depression (yes, they even saved christmas wrapping paper!) and my mother who is the queen of bargain hunting.  You can find pretty much anything on craigslist and I have gotten a ton of stuff over the years, even roommates when I was living in an apartment in Allston MA.  So when we started shopping for the kids, I pretty much checked craigslist for all the big stuff.  We needed a ton of stuff and here are the things we got:
one new crib and unused mattress
a snap and go double stroller 40$ (retail 85$)
a regular side by side double stroller 175$ (2010 model retails for 370$)
a changing table 125$
a glider and ottoman 75$
a breast pump and accessories 35$ (Medela In style retails for 300$)

And I plan on selling stuff as we rotate the kids' things out as they outgrow them.  I love the continuum of baby stuff, simply because most stuff you use for such a short period of time.  Love it!!!

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