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Friday, October 7, 2011


Hi babies.  This week we noticed a lot of new things about you guys.  Greyson - your hair on the top of your head has started to grow back but you still have ben franklin hair in the back.  So adorable.  You are starting to be able to follow us with your eyes, even if the movements are a tad choppy.  Jack - Daddy says that you are "sporting a solid skullet" and you also have started to focus and follow movement.    Both of you are right on target for that!  You are both getting so big and can hold your heads up for short periods of time.  Greyson - daddy says that today you took a few swings at him. LOL we are sure you didn't mean it.  This week we tested out the gdiapers with flushable inserts.  I like them for when Daddy travels so i don't have to do so much laundry.  Daddy doesn't like the fact that you have to touch the poopy/peesoaked inserts.  Wuss.  LOL.

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