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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Starting a BLOG

Well, it's the hip thing to do, right? Start a blog when something momentous happens in your life? Ok, well then, CHECK!! I am a former scientist who just welcomed two beautiful baby boys about 2 weeks ago. My whole professional life has been devoted to the scientific method - testing a hypothesis and backing up conclusions with data. So when my hubby and I started to TTC (trying to conceive for those uninitiated to the IVF lingo: oh, IVF = in vitro fertilization) and things weren't working out so well, we went the scientific route. Get a lot of lab tests, gets all sorts of invasive procedures, look at the data, read scientific papers, figure out WHAT and WHY things weren't happening. Then, take it to the next level: Surgery. Will that fix everything? Well maybe not. More tests and labs and TIME. Then it was time to do the ultimate in vitro experiment: IVF. eggs harvested and fertilized. We saw our potential babies for the first time in a petri dish. How sterile and scientific but OMG we LOVE these 8 and 10 cell embryos already. In they go and then wait. The dreaded TWW (two week wait) for a pregnancy test. I spent the majority of it in St Croix on vacation with my sister, drinking virgin pina coladas, snorkeling and taking in the island flora. It was the ultimate way to relax. And then, BOOM. I get back tot he States and I am PREGNANT! WEEHOO!! That was easy (well, not so much). And now 9 months later I have two sweet beautiful babies and I am sitting here pumping and blogging. My life has changed and I am so ready to get on with: Experiment MOM.

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