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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm a new member of the Saddleback Mothers of Multiples Club

On Wednesday August 15, I officially was initiated into the Saddleback Mother of Multiples Club (SMOMC).  From about 6 months of my pregnancy until March of this year, I was a member of the North Suburban Parents of Multiples Club on the North Shore of Massachusetts and then we moved to California. It took me a few months to get my act together to seek out and join a local multiples club but I knew that I had join one. I had found it incredibly helpful through my pregnancy and early months as a new mom of multiples to have the support and understanding of other mothers with multiples.  It's not that moms of singletons can't be supportive but they have not experienced the same kinds of struggles that other MOMs have.

I highly recommend that any mom who is expecting multiples find a local MOM club. They offer such a great support system as well as fun events for moms, dads and families with multiples.  Many clubs also have support for special needs multiples, preemies and NICU multiples and educational tools like acces to library of books on parenting multiples etc.

I am so happy to have found a local branch of the mother of multiples club and plan on being very engaged and active in the club. I already have volunteered for several committees including becoming the Editor of the monthly newsletter and serving on the IT committee.  I also am starting a loose playgroup for southern Orange county MOMs.  I have already found it to be rewarding and can't wait for all the fun twin activities planned for this coming year!

Pictures from the Initiation courtesy of Star Hjorth
cake pops candy display

new member initiation

some lovely ladies I had dinner with

our theme was black and white and I was happy to already have a dress for it

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