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Friday, February 22, 2013

Layout I worked on this week...

Hey all.   I worked this layout which is a  Ribbon Board (aka French Board) for a friend's new baby.  Here is what I came up with:

The credits for this layout are: Pixels and Co: CS and RW (In Good Company Collab), Juliana Kneipp (My Sunshine), Ponytails (Love Me Do), Melissa Bennett (Cops and Robbers), Veronica Spriggs (Vintage envelopes), The Urban Fairy (Just Love), Jady Day (Greatful Hearts), AnitaDesigns and BelisaeDesigns (An Innocent Heart Collection), Libby Pritchett (A Spoon full of Sugar).

I thought this came out pretty cute but boy are there a lot of layers!  Each ribbon, its drop shadow, each button has its own layer and that is just to construct the ribbon board. It can also be tricky "slipping" pictures and elements under the ribbons because if you move one ribbon up a layer, it could create the wrong illusion for another element.  Almost everything on here has its own drop shadow which gives a more realistic feel. The other tricky part is getting the grid to look perfect.  Mine is way crooked (see how the buttons horizontally don't line up?) because I started adding stuff to it and then later tried to fix it but that was way too complicated with all the layers.  My advice to anyone who attempts this is to make the ribbon board first and make sure the ribbon grid is as perfect as you want it. Also merge down the shadow layers to the ribbons so if you do move the ribbons around, you will have the shadow along with it.

Well that's it for this week. Next week, I hope to have a new Urban Fairy kit to play with and I might even get to complete my layout for my husband's Tough Mudder that he took part in at the beginning of February.

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