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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Refilling GoGo Squeez Applesauce packets

Anyyone with toddlers knows about squeezies.  Basically they are the newfangled way of feeding toddlers soupy stuff like yogurt and applesauce with less mess than feeding from a bowl.  They are usually foil packets with some sort of spout or valve and they are, of course, disposable. Great for on-the-go but a lot of waste.  Well how about refilling them?  I have seen some refillable squeeze pouches on the internet that are designed for this purpose, like Sili, Squooshi, Yummi, and Beaba Babypote.

These are all very cute and I have not tried them because I thought, why can't I just refill the squeezie packets? They are foil and plastic so they clean up easily ( I just rinse with water and then pop in the dishwasher on the top rack with the spout over a tine of the dishwasher rack. I opened one up to check and it came out very clean) and the caps in the silverware holder.  I bought a cheapo condiment dispenser at the grocery store and filled it up with applesauce.  Then just squeeze to refill, cap and refrigerate.

refilling go go squeez

chewed spout

So that brings up a couple of the drawbacks of this method. 1. once the applesauce or yogurt is opened it probably should be refrigerated, so not ideal for on-the-go situations. 2. my kids sometimes chew on the spouts so the caps don't fit tightly. Again, not great for on-the-go but I think this method is great for refilling them to keep at home.  I am sure this is much cheaper than buying new ones over and over again or even using the refillable ones, but I haven't done the cost breakdown.

Note: I did try to use a pastry bag to do the refilling but apple sauce is so runny that it made a huge mess.  not worth it.



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