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Friday, December 21, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012

I know you have been waiting with baited breath for my Favorite Things 2012 post.  Well the wait is over..here it is!

13. Game of Thrones - An enthralling series on HBO, infamous for the 6-year-old breastfeeding scene but a great show nonetheless
14. Walking Dead - An AMC series about Zombies and survival.  You cannot start in the middle, a must-see from the beginning
15. A sequined Elbow Patch Sweater.  Saw this on Pinterest and thought it was very cute. Not even sure where you can buy it but mark my words, elbow patches are back, baby!
16. Land's End Starfish Refined Sweatpants - the MOST comfortable sweats out there plus nice enough to wear out of the house.
17. NERDS - yes the classic candy that I have become addicted to since Halloween.
18. The Kindle - I love that it doesn't have too many functions (web browsing is a pain on my older wifi-only version).  When I read, I don't want to have the option to check my email or browse the internet.
19. Canvas prints - Classy-looking and lightweight for easy (and earthquakeproof) decorating. They can be expensive so look out for groupons and the like for discounts at canvaspeople.com or canvasstyle.com.
20. getLoupe.com - a great little program that helped me make this collage easily from my pinterest board. Heart!
(and 21. Pinterest!!  Self-Explanatory!!)


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