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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time Savers for Toddler Meal Prep...

So this week I posted on Facebok asking how many people put hot food in the freezer to cool it down super quickly for their toddlers.  I find myself always waiting until the last possible minute to make food for the kiddos and I know I should really start planning ahead but I am just not that person.  So today I went to make them some pasta (Annie's wheat mac and cheese) and I was thinking that I should steam them some carrots, but of course I had that thought about halfway through microwaving the pasta. But then I thought that maybe I could jut throw in a few baby carrots into the boiling pasta water and they would be ssoft enough for the kids to eat.  At about 3 minutes left on the microwave I added about 8 baby carrots and then restarted the microwave.  When it was done I drained the pasta and carrots and added a little bit of butter.  I took about a cup of the pasta and carrots and stuck it in the freezer to cool quickly, and with the rest I made the regular version of mac and chesse for myself.  The carrots were nice and tender and easily cut into pieces for the kids, they got a healthy quick meal and I only got one bowl dirty!  How's that for time saving???

What tricks do you use to get food on the table quickly??

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