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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Done with Velcro (sorry, "hook and loop")

OK. So in the cloth diapering community Velcro is called "hook and loop" because Velcro is a brand name just like "Kleenex" are a brand of tissues and "Bandaids" are a brand of bandages even though these are used in the vernacular to describe many brands of tissues and bandages, respectively.  UGH.  So I am DONE with hook and loop (H + L) diapers.  We have been diapering in cloth for 9 months now and have been a lover of Thirsties brand since the beginning.  We use the Thirsties fab fitted, Thirsties covers, Thirsties duo AIOs, Thirsties old style AIOs,  and Thirsties Duo pockets diapers. Until recently I have loved all of the Thirsties products but the H + L on these dipes have gotten weaker and weaker over time. I do my best to close the laundry tabs when I wash these dipes and I also occasionally pick out any accumulated fuzz that H + L naturally gathers.  My kids are 9 months now and getting very handsy.  They will fuss with the H + L closures and occasionally I have found my kids diaperless in the morning.  UGH.  So I decided today that I am going to phase out my H + L pockets that we use for overnight diapering.  If I had it all to do over again, I wouldn't even buy H + L dipes.  I know that some brands have very strong H + L and that can be a catch-22 because the stronger the H + L, sometimes the harder it is to open the laundry tab to put it on your kid.  This is the case with the Best Bottoms H + L.  It is so strong that I can barely get it open with one hand.  But I'd rather have them have stronger H + L than not.  I am bummed that I have to phase out many of my thirsties dipes and luckily I have several of their covers and AIO's in snaps so I can still use those.  On the brighter side I get to buy new diapers!!!  Weehoo!!

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